TurkoTek Salon Archive

Salon 74: Turkotek, To Date: How Are We Doing? by R. John Howe

Summary - R. John Howe

The "Administrator' Job - R. John Howe

Show and Tell: Working Well? - R. John Howe

meta discussion - Yon Bard

Should the Rug Club Meeting Idea Board Be Retained? - R. John Howe

Responsibilities to more experienced visitors - Patrick Weiler

The Nature of the Medium - R. John Howe

books and articles as starting point for discussion board - Richard Farber

Responsibilities to Less Experienced Visitors - R. John Howe

How Has the Salon Device Worked? - R. John Howe

How to Increase Participation? - R. John Howe

book presentations - Richard Farber

An Acerbic Question - R. John Howe

Some Practical Limitations - Steve Price

dividing salon host from essayist - Richard Farber

Input - Richard Farber