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dear turkotekki

article on antique tibetan carpets

Rupert Smith: Wangden Meditation Weaving | Articles Gallery of Antique Rugs Wangden Meditation Weaving by mailme("ruptext","hotmail","com","Rupert Smith"); (click on small images for full size images with captions) Wangden Valley "W....

list of articles for example

Auspicious Carpets: A Tibetan View of Aesthetics by Ted Worcester
This seminal article on Tibetan carpets by Ted Worcester article first appeared in The Nepalese-Tibetan Carpet, edited by John Frederick, a special issue for the carpet trade published by Nepal Traveller, January 1993; one of a series of issues on Himalayan carpets. will be publishing further articles from this now rare series.

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good introduction

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Thanks Richard

Here's one more link - many Tibetan pieces and better information too.

Pieces similar to what I called 'skirt apron' have been called horse blanket ..... I guess I was wrong in my interpretation.

For those interested, there is some nice Indian material on display too.