Detailed information about the real place of origin is, in our opinion, one of the most valuable parts of a piece. Only when this is clear one has a chance for any further research of any aspect of the particular weave.

That the "normal" process of surfacing early pieces covers this information, which is potentially available, of course, with a huge heap of fairy tales is in our opinion the biggest problem that prevents meaningful textile art research - and development.

It is sometimes even more costly to obtain this information than to get hold of the piece itself. Therefore such intelligence is either given to the collector who purchases the piece or to a trustworthy middle man - but it is not a kind of thing that should be published here. That our opinion is not just another story we can confirm at any time with ease as we have contacted some well respected personalities (no dealers, of course) of the collecting scenery for whom we have established to have the necessary backyard insights. What we write here can be checked - but not be published.

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