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Subject  :  books and articles as starting point for discussion board
Author  :  Richard Farber mailto:%20farberr@netvision.net.il
Date  :  10-13-2001 on 03:33 a.m.
Dear gang of eight

Some further thoughts about the book board [if board is the term]

The suggestion is not a review of books or articles currently entering the market but rather finding a book or article that has an idea or ideas that further our understanding of carpets and textiles or collecting.

For example just a review of the new books or catalogues or self-trumpeting tomes on a subject would not be a suitable area of discussion, but if one of these texts was found that talked about use, dispersion, dating, that offered us new insights and understanding or even had one idea that offers a new view on what we are doing than that text would be a candidate.

?When Silk Was Gold? could lead to a fruitful discussion of Mr. Keers China theories for example, and perhaps a discussion about climate, wealth and textiles.

Was it Jerry Silverman who is the collector of books about carpets ? He might want to offer his input.

The discussion of the Berry book, was I believe on the Show and Tell board . . . its is now unfortunately gone. I could well image that if such a discussion was still posted [and further deepened as others read the book] many newcomers to the sight could broaden their knowledge and perhaps more importantly gain new perspectives into the various areas of collecting.


Richard Farber

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