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Subject  :  Some Practical Limitations
Author  :  Steve Price mailto:%20sprice@hsc.vcu.edu
Date  :  10-08-2001 on 10:03 p.m.
Dear People,

One of the facts of life with which we live is that Turkotek's resources are extremely limited.

Financially, our group is willing to commit up to $400 annually. That's not a problem. We spend less than $300 and unless some specialized hardware need arose or we took on something that greatly increased our need for web space, our budget won't constrain our activity.

On the other hand, we have very limited manpower resources, all of it volunteer. This has a number of implications. Let me share a few with you:
1. We cannot do everything that we think would be worthwhile. There just isn't enough time. For example, we don't have announcements or a calendar of events, even though both would be useful. By their nature, those things are labor intensive - they need to be edited and posted, and when they are no longer timely, they need to be deleted. There's also the potential for hassles with the people who send them to us and want particular wording.
2. The volunteer providing the free labor has to be doing something from which he gets pleasure. It isn't like having a paid staff person to whom we can assign responsibilities. We have already had suggestions through this meta-discussion for expanded services. I'm happy to help get them set up, but my time is stretched about as far as I want it stretched, and expansions can only happen if some volunteers take on maintenance of the relevant sections. This, I hope everyone will understand, is not something that I have the authority to implement by myself. Our practice since the beginning has been to bounce any proposed policy changes off our Gang of Eight, and adopt only those on which we reach consensus.

This is not intended to throw cold water on anything, just to help apprise everyone of the realities of adding significant new elements.


Steve Price

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