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Subject  :  Falcon
Author  :  Vincent Keers
Date  :  09-14-2000 on 09:28 a.m.
Dear all,
This is a pretty old Belouch. The falcon lands on the cypress, the cypress loses it's fruit and life goes on. The circle of life. The cypress borders the graveyards. As a sideline: What about the precolumbian textiles? Lots of birds and they aren't the result of any degenerated arrows or triangles. I can't remember any precolumbian knotted "Indian" rugs. So a bird is a bird and it's not too far out if we speculate on it's intended meaning, like we are do´ng so comfortably well with the Native American shamanistic birds. As the bird in the Belouch surely acts as the guardian of the soul because of the setting it has been put in (graveyard). I can't recall any well made Belouch with half birds in the field. They always seem to fit in perfectly. So they aren't only decoration. Best regards, Vincent Keers

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