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Subject  :  Talish Prayer Rug
Author  :  Steve Price
Date  :  10-05-1999 on 10:45 a.m.
sprice@hsc.vcu.edu Dear Friends, This is another "big one that got away". It's a Talish prayer rug sold at Skinner's in 1992. Beautifully drawn, in full pile, with wool of terrific tactile quality, marvelous colors, plausibly attributed to the mid-19th century. It was estimated at $7,000-$9,000. My wife and I shared heavy lust for it. And, to our astonishment, we seemed to have it at $6,000. That is, the hammer was on the way down and the auctioneeer's lips were forming the word "sold" as he pointed to us. Then, from nowhere, another bidder raised his paddle. He took it home, as I recall, for $9,900. And, like all the good ones that get away, in my mind it improves with every passing year. Steve Price

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