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Subject  :  Summary
Author  :  Yon Bard
Date  :  10-08-1999 on 04:37 p.m.
Frankly, the response to this topic has been disappointing. I had hoped that everyone would be bragging about their acquisition coups or bewailing the ones that got away - but either most people were too busy with ICOC travel, or didn't want to reveal their secret tricks of the trade. One interesting side topic turned out to be what to do when someone won't sell you the treasure that you covet. Should you threaten them with never having anything to do with them in the future? Yes, according to Martin. Should you tell them what the piece is worth if they don't realize it? Yes, if you are honest and wish to ensure that the piece is well cared for in the future, even if not by you. Should you risk wrecking your marriage to acuire a rug? Only you can tell. Regards, Yon

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