N2   South West Persian Basiri saddle bag
BASERISADDLEBAG.JPG (82781 bytes) The two pile bag faces have the same design, with fish like motifs, the same integral closure braids and the same slit panel.

These fish like motifs, sometimes considered as a "herati" pattern, and the main border design are also common in Baluchi weavings.


Dimensions: 54 cm x 60 cm (1'11" x 2'0"; h x w) including the slit panel.

Knots: asymmetric open to the left, soft wool

H36 V36  1296/dm2  9' X 9'   81 kpsi,

Warps : Two ply mixed barber pole (brown and white) wool (Z2S)

Flat back without warp displacement.

Wefts : 2 ply wool, 2 shots of different colors (red, yellow, dark blue, natural brown).


Selvage: two warp units, one thick cord of 5 twisted barber pole wool warps (Z2S) and one barber pole wool warp (Z2S); reinforced by the ground wefts, which also interlace and overcast the two warp units.


The ground wefts cross the selvage to stay in the same shed. This is easy to see with two wefts of different colors, as they always go over and under the same warps.

Along the pile edges in many places one of the two ground weft does some large extra interlacing in the outer pile area (sometimes to a length of 8 knots) to reinforce the selvage warp units. Thick extra selvage yarns of five singles and of various colors overcast this structure to give a barber pole effect. The same type of yarns is used to stitch the seams.



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