Related bag-face

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Oriental Rugs from Pacific Collection", Eiland, plate 205, p. 199.
Related bag-face :

Comments of Murray Eiland: "While this intriguing piece is here categorized as Caucasian, some have felt it to be Anatolian, and it does not neatly fit into either category. The cotton weft, however, would be unusual, but not unprecedented, in a 19th century Anatolian village rug."

19th century, 1'9" x 1'8"

Knot: symmetrical, 72 kpsi

Warps: mostly ivory wool with two areas of brown and ivory (barberpole?)

Wefts: 2 ply cotton (Z2S), 2 shoots

Selvage: not original

This bag face is very similar in design, colors and structure, except that the weaver used here white or brown and ivory wool warps.

The selvages can't be compared as they aren't original and the ends are missing in the two bag faces.

Clearly, Eiland doubts that it is Anatolian or Caucasian, and Marla Mallett and me share his reservations. The central medallion design and the small squares scattered on the field surely have Turkmen antecedents. We know that Turkmen settled in northwest Persia after their migrations at the end of the 12th century. The main border design is often used in this area and the structure seems also to fit this attribution.

Do you share these thoughts?

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Picture 75 page 215 Caucasian Rugs.

Ulrich Schurmann

This picture is  the central medallion of a rug labeled South Shirvan by Ulrich Schurmann and if you remember Wendel's salon this design was also used in some diamonds scattered on his " Yellow ground rug".

Any thoughts?