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Dimensions: runner, 440 cm x 140 cm (14'5" x 4'7")

Knots: symmetric 28v x 24h per 10 cm (11v x 9.5h per inch), medium to long 2 ply wool

Warps: 2 ply (Z2S), natural ivory wool, no warp displacement

Wefts: thick singles, natural light brown or red dyed wool, 2 to 6 shots


Selvages: 4 units of three twisted 2 ply white wool reinforced by the ground wefts interlacing and overcast by thick brown or red yarns of four single interlacing the 4 units.

Ends: weft faced plain weave plied and sewn at the back at the top of the rug.

Handle: very floppy

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Conclusion : Floppy runner loosely woven with symmetric knots, with ivory two ply warps multiple single red or brown wefts and wide reinforced and overcast flat selvages of four units (3-3-3-3) 2 ply white wool, and plainweave skirts at the two ends. This the second clue which helps for more accurate attribution. Please return to the main page.