Bag in Article: Concealment and Evil Eye

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Posted by Erol Abit on March 30, 1999 at 02:30:51:

In Reply to: Bag in Article: Concealment and Evil Eye posted by Erol Abit on March 30, 1999 at 02:14:51:

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Dear Saul and All,

The terms Concealment and Evil Eye are closely related as you wrote. The concealment is a physical protection against evil eye by isolating the object to be protected. On the other hand, symbols such as eye beads and colors such as blue are making a war against the evil eye because the object is publicly visible. (Some claims that physical science can explain such things in terms of light, frequency, reflector etc.)

On the bag in article, we can see the both, ie concealment (hiding) as the expected nature of bags and the symbols&colors. BUT since such symbols and colors used against evil eye can be found on/in almost all owned objects I can not think of that the primary function of that rug was the spiritiual protection. The eye beads on that rug are like the eye beads (made of blue glass) in today's cars, in clothes of a child etc.

It is still not certain that that bag is for against evil eye by concealing the objects since all bags have been used for hiding somethings in them. Therefore, we must return to the symbols and colors on the bag and examine them in detail. I saw also another object, wolf mouths. It is not a relevant object to evil eye but still it has a function of spiritual protection against wild animals since the wolf is a sacred animal in some part of Central Asia.


A Rumor: Some have been telling that the blue makes protection against the evil eyes (it is concentrated "usually" in their eye of people with green eye). I have no idea about which fact this thought is based on. But it is amazing me because both the green and the blue are sacred colors in the Central Asia. The wars between Central Asians and Arabs during the first stage of the islamic spread is coming to my mind again as a reason of wars of these two holy color, green and blue. Was turkiouse (a mixture color of blue and green?) a color often used against evil eye? Very complicated world...

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