These links to internet sites are provided as a convenience to our readers; they do not constitute endorsements. We do not link to sites when we have credible evidence of their dishonesty, but many sites are omitted for other reasons, the most common being that we don't know that they exist. We would be grateful to learn of sites that ought to be added or of any that are no longer functional.

Informational and/or Educational Sites

Adire African Textiles Dealer site with lots of information and a wide range of African textiles.

American Conference on Oriental Rugs (ACOR) Organization of North American oriental rug collector clubs. Arranges periodic conventions.

Antique Rug and Textile Arts Association

Armenian Rugs and Carpets Scholarly essay on the history and significance of rugs and carpets in Armenia.

Armenian Rugs Society  Organization devoted to the appreciation of Armenian rugs.

Asian Arts On-line journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia.

Asian & Tribal Arts - Los Angeles A centralized source of information about dealers and experts in tribal arts in the Los Angeles area.

Brandon Oriental Rugs A nice introduction for newcomers to the rugs world.

Carpet Encyclopedia Multilingual site with lots of information about all aspects of oriental rugs.

Collins Gallery Old and antique Persian rugs, with reference material, bibliograpy, articles and many photographs of Bijars.

deYoung Museum Textiles Extensive collection of images and information.

Gerard Paquin, "Silk and Wool: Ottoman Textile Designs in Turkish Rugs" A scholarly article by a collector.

Ghereh Quarterly journal for rug collectors; English and Italian editions.

Goteborg Rug Society Rug collectors club in Sweden. In English and Swedish.

Hajji Baba Club The oldest American rug collector club, in New York City.


International Conference on Oriental Carpets

International Hajji Baba Society  Collector club, in Washington, D.C.

Kilim Kilims and other textiles, with articles and a discussion forum.

Kunstpedia Articles, news and a wealth of resources in all fields of arts.

Marla Mallett A very informative site, operated by the leading authority on textile structures.

Muenchen Textile Art Home page for Munich's annual textile exhibition.

New England Rug Society One of the more active American rug societies. Site includes on-line exhibitions.

NonPlusUltra A commercial site that also includes articles, schedules of upcoming events, and other informational content.

Oriental Rug Review A tabloid from 1981 through 1987, a color magazine until 1996, now in cyberspace.

Oriental Rugs, a Buyer's Guide Lots of information about criteria for selecting rugs of various genres.

Palouse River Music Paul Smith: musician, composer, craftsman and collector of tribal rugs.

Persian Carpet Guide  Dutch language blog introducing newcomers to Persian carpets.  The Google translator renders it in excellent English.

R. John Howe: Textiles and Text. Dedicated to the distribution of virtual versions of The Textile Museum’s “Rug and Textile Appreciation Morning” to a larger audience.

Richard E. Wright Research Reports A scholar's notes on the nature and history of textiles.  Many images.

Richard Farber  Composer, conductor, playright, textile collector invites visitors to get to know him and his work. 

Rug Rag Concentrates on information likely to be useful to rug buyers and on rug-related news items. Active forums, mostly oriented toward novice ruggies.

San Francisco Bay Area Rug Society Large, active collector club, with on-line exhibitions on the site.

Selvedge Elegant magazine devoted to the use of textiles in interior decorating.

Silk Road Foundation  Nonprofit educational foundation.  Website is extremely rich in information about the Silk Road, the cultures along it, and the history.

Tea and Carpets Information-rich blog about oriental rugs and related matters.

Textile Museum Symmetry Exhibit A great site authored by (among others) Carol Bier. It features a Textile Museum exhibit on symmetry in oriental rugs. Interesting pieces, educational analysis.

Textile Museum The home page of Washington's TM, featuring descriptions of it's exhibitions, galleries, calendar and shop.

Textile Museum of Canada Home page of Toronto's Museum for Textiles, featuring descriptions of it's exhibitions, galleries, calendar and shop.

Tribal Art Forum  Turkotek-like site dedicated to tribal arts around the world.

Tribal Textiles Photographer/textile collector's record of her travels, mostly in southeast Asia, with a strong emphasis on tribal textiles and their use.

Tugra Beautiful site, full of information about Turkish calligraphic signatures.

Turkic Republics and Communities  Essentially a series of links, it is just what it says it is: "The most complete guide to the Turkic world." An almost overwhelming variety of information.

Turkish American Society of Northeast Ohio An club promoting Turkish culture, including rugs, with regular programs and lectures.

Turkish Carpets History, regional differences and ethnographic significance of carpets in Turkey.

Turkmen Main Carpets  About the information rich CD-ROM produced by Kurt Munkacsi, David d'Huerle and Peter Saunders.

Vanishing Textiles Selections from an exhibition (in North Carolina State University’s Gallery of Art and Design) and book on ethnographic textiles.

Walk Turkey Travel service offering guided tours.

World of Beduin Weaving  Informational site about the weavings of the Beduins of North Africa.

World of Tribal Arts On line version of a "Journal of the Art, History and Culture of Traditional People."

World Wide Weave Rug Society Informational Site

Woven Souls Jaina Mishra's site, with articles and exhibitions of textile art, mostly from the Indian subcontinent.


Commercial Sites

1001 Persian Rugs Persian rugs and pads, with online ordering and a discussion forum.

1000's of Rugs Ohio dealer in new rugs.

Aaron Nejad Antique Carpets

Above the Fray Traditional hand-woven, naturally-dyed silk textiles from the hilltribe artists of Laos and Vietnam.

Alberto Levi Italian dealer, with periodic exhibitions.

Alex Cooper Oriental Rugs Maryland dealer, new and antique rugs.

Alrug On line dealer in new and custom designed rugs.

Amir's Persian Imports

Amir Rug Exchange

Antique Rug Gallery  Belmont (Massachusetts) dealer specializing in antique and tribal rugs.

Antique Tibetan Rugs, Art and Textiles Nice site with lots of background information on Tibetan artifacts.

Atiyeh International, Ltd.

Atlas Kilim Berbere French dealer specializing in Moroccan weavings. Site is bilingual (English and French).

Azar's Oriental Rugs

Black Sheep Carpets  Dealer with showroom in Izmir, Turkey.

Bold Rugs On line dealer in contemporary rugs, with general information about home decorating.

Brami Andreae Carpets and KilimsBukhara Carpets Kazakhstan dealer in new and antique rugs.

Carpet Diem Specializing in area rugs. Includes much information about construction, materials, padding, etc.

Carpets in Bazaar  On line dealer in oriental rugs in contemporary and traditional designs.

Carpetview Cappadocia based dealer in new and old rugs, with virtual museum on the site.

Carpet Vista Swedish rug retailer.

Catalina Rug, Inc. California dealer in new and antique rugs.

Cetinkaya Gallery  Well known Istanbul dealer, with live and on-line exhibitions of antique textiles.

Claudio Mariani: Old and Antique Tibetan and Chinese Carpets Many images and a nice list of books on the subject.

Cocoon Seref Ozen, Istanbul dealer in antique textiles.

Collectics Directory linking to and rating sites featuring various types of collectibles.

Collins Gallery "Mr. Bijar", Massachusetts dealer and author, John Collins.

Curator's Eye Links to rugs and textiles for sale by dealers.

Cyber Rug Center Collectibles and carpets primarily in the mid-range.

Cyrus Rugs Australian on-line dealer in new and old rugs.

David Levine Oriental Rugs

David M. Reuben Dealer specializing in Turkmen rugs.

Demanes Oriental Rugs  New York Oriental rug dealer of new rugs and high quality reproductions of classic rugs.

Dennis B. Marquand: Oriental Rug & Textile Books An established dealer in oriental rug books.

Designer Floor Area Rugs

Dilmaghani Oriental Rugs New York area dealer, with retail and wholesale divisions.

Djoharian Oriental Rugs Lohr (Bavaria) dealer in modern and antique oriental rugs.

Domestic Modern Modern area and outdoor rugs.

Eastern Corner Decorative articles, rugs and kilims from eastern Europe and Turkey.

Emmett Eiland's Oriental Rug Company Informative site by the well known California dealer, with periodic articles and essays.

Ertug and Kocabiyik, Publishers  Publishers of elegant books on Byzantine and Ottoman art and architecture, including 13th-18th century Anatolian textiles.  Sells wholesale and retail.

eSaleRugs  On line retailer of hand woven and machine made rugs.

eRug Gallery A "Learn About Rugs" section will be useful to beginners. 

Falasiri Oriental Rugs Vero Beach, Florida, dealer in new and antique rugs, with periodic exhibitions and lectures.

Frauenknecht Antique Rugs Content-rich site, including periodic exhibitions, by a well known German dealer and author.

Gail Martin Gallery  Antique and modern textile art from around the world.

Gallery51  Craig Wallen's gallery, in Philadelphia.

Georgia Mills Source for floor coverings and related items.

Ghiordes Knot Source of supplies and instructions for rug weavers.

Grand Oriental Rugs

Great Area Rugs On line seller of modern area rugs.

GT Arts A directory to art and artist websites.

Haliden Oriental Carpets

Hamill Tribal Textiles Boston dealer's collection of textiles from sub-Saharan Africa.

Hazara Rug Gallery

Herat Ltd. Miami dealer, with some nice information for beginners.

I Antiques Guide  Links to sites about various categories of antiques and arts.

International General Dealer in rare books specializing in Islamic arts and textiles; publisher.

Istanbul Memories Rug Store  Turkish Carpets, kilims and kilim cushions; wholesale and retail.

Istek Istanbul kilim dealer. Nice background information on the subject.

Jacobsen's Oriental Rugs

Jessie's Oriental Rugs  On line dealer with new and older rugs, and a quarterly magazine for newcomers.

Joe Loux Asian and Tribal Art On line gallery of Asian tribal arts, including textiles.

Jozan Magazine on Oriental Rugs Articles, auction news, sales gallery, and information about oriental rugs.

Just.a.rug  UK dealer in contemporary rugs.

Kilim ADA Specialist kilim dealer in Paris. Site in French and English.

Kilim.com  Dealer specializing in new and antique kilims.

Kilimshop.co.uk Rug and carpet cleaning and repair.

Kimbulian Oriental Rugs

Kosker Traditional Rug Repair New York City specialist in rug repair and cleaning.

Richard Kirishian Rugs and Decor  Rugs, accessories and related services.

Langauer Textile Art Vienna dealer in antique rugs and textiles.

Large Rugs and Carpets Dealer site specializing in carpets no smaller than 10' x 14'.

Le Bazaar d'Orient Dealer site with a lot of information about Turkish rugs.

Lenkoran Gallery of Antique Textile Arts

Lesniak Oriental Rugs  Dealer in antique and modern rugs, with useful information about them.

Lexington Oriental Rugs Dealer site, with useful information for buyers.

Little-Persia British dealer site with useful information about weaving.

Macan Tidur Textiles Beautiful, informative site dedicated to textiles of Indonesia and nearby islands of southeast Asia.

Majik Carpets Jenny Gunay's project; western Anatolian rugs made by traditional methods, for sale on-line.

Mannam Oriental Carpets Custom made oriental rugs.

Mark Keshishian and Sons Well known DC dealer's site, includes some articles.

Melitour Topical focus tours of Turkey, and some educational materials.

Metropolitan Carpet Gallery Dealer, large and varied on-line inventory.

Michel Antoine Dealer in new and antique textiles; in Brussels. Site is bilingual.

Minasian Rug Company Chicago dealer in new and antique textiles, with periodic exhibitions.

Modern Rugs Dealer specializing in new and custom-made rugs in the "modern art" style.

Modern Rugs Dealer in new rugs of various sizes and materials.

Mundy and Yazdi Oriental Rugs Large dealership in Kansas City.

Murad Dealer in antique rugs and textiles.

Nagel Auctions Stuttgart auction house, has periodic sales of quality oriental rugs. Excellent images.

Natural Area Rugs Contemporary rugs and rug padding.

Nazmiyal Collection Dealer with showrooms in New York and New Jersey; modern and antique rugs.

Nemati Collection New York dealer and author, with periodic exhibitions.

Nomad Rugs Christopher Wahlgren, San Francisco dealer in antique and new rugs.

Nomadenschaetze  Dealer in antique tribal rugs and kilims.  Site in English and German.

Nomadic Rug Traders  Australian specialist in tribal rugs.

Nomad's Tent Edinburgh dealer site, with short articles and book reviews.

NYC Carpet Cleaning - RugWash.com Rug and carpet cleaning, serving New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

Oldcarpet.com Persian rugs: identification, cleaning, general information

Old New House  Shop run by husband/wife team, with a focus on small antique and vintage rugs and furnishings.

Old Tribal Rugs Group Site operated by several Iranian dealers.

Oriental Rug Mart The Demanes family, Peoria, Illinois dealer in new and old rugs.

Oriental Rug Repair Co. Repair and appraisal of oriental and Navajo rugs.

Oriental Rug SiteRing  List of links to and news about member sites on oriental rugs.

The Oriental Rug Warehouse

Pak Persian Rugs

Paradise Oriental Rugs California dealer in new (mostly) rugs, saddlebags and trappings. Site includes interesting articles for potential buyers.

Peace Industry Malina and Dodd Raissnia's Persian felt rugs. Site includes a great film showing how felt rugs are made.

Pearson Carpet Care Carpet cleaning and repair in Houston, Texas.

Perez Netherlands dealers; site in Dutch (English version is promised in the near future)

The Persian Carpet Gallery Some educational info about Persian rugs.

Persian Carpet House

Persian Carpet Sales Lists carpets for sale by various sellers.

Persian Rugs Sales and information about Persian rugs.

Persian Rugs Canada Toronto dealer.

Peter Linden Antique and modern rugs and textiles, with nice images of the inventory. Located in Dublin (Ireland).

Peter Pap Oriental Rugs Respected dealer with showrooms in Dublin (New Hampshire) and San Francisco.

Peter Willborg Well known Stockholm dealer in antique rugs and African art.

Reyn Staffel Oriental Rugs Oregon dealer, mostly antiques and  tribal textiles.

Richard Rothstein & Co. New and antique Caucasian, Persian and other Oriental rugs, and high-end home furnishings.

Rippon-Boswell German auction house with on-line information

Rudolf J. Giessmann Antique Rugs

RugArt Rug cleaning and repair (London).

The Rug Book Shop Maryland book dealer Paul Kreiss' extensive catalog of oriental rug books and literature.

Rug Exchange On-line seller of new oriental rugs.

Rug Firm Southern California dealer in new and antique oriental rugs.

Rug N Rug Dealer site with some information about weaving and technical details of carpets.

Rugman - Area Rugs Commercial site, with tutorial and information on rug selection and maintenance.

RugO'Land Lots of information about rug types and rug cleaning, along with modern rugs for sale.

Rugrabbit  Website where dealers and collectors can list weavings for sale.

Rug Savings Seller of new rugs and related accessories.

Rugs as Art



Rugs HD Retailer of contemporary and traditional style new rugs.

RugsRugs New and antique rugs, history and information.

Rugstore North East On line dealer in modern designer and hand woven rugs. Located in UK.

Rupert Smith Textiles

S & H Rugs Gallery New and antique rugs and kilims, restoration services.

Sam Coad Antique Textiles New Jersey dealer specializing in antique and tribal rugs.

Samarkand Galleries Brian McDonald offers quality material from a tiny village in the Cotswolds.

Samuel's Antique Rugs Antique and modern rugs and kilims.

Shaver-Ramsey Denver dealer with many educational events for new and experienced collectors.

Silk Road Mehmet Ucar, Konya dealer, dye master and enterpreneur.

Sobhe  Iranian carpet wholesaler.

Sophie van Assche Belgian dealer in tribal textiles and other tribal arts.

Soroush Custom Rugs and Axminster Carpet Designer/manufacturer of custom rugs and Axminster carpet.

Stock, D.B.  Antique carpets dealer in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Sufi Carpets German dealer specializing in antique rugs and kilims.

SunBow Trading Company Saul Barodofsky's shop in Charlottesville, Virginia; tribal and rustic rugs.

Superior Rugs  On-line retailer.

Teppichportal Zurich seller of new and antique rugs and carpets.  German language website.

The Textile Gallery Michael Franses' site with beautiful, scholarly exhibitions.

Textiles as Art Beautiful site from a dealer with an extremely diverse range of Asian textiles.

Thanakra  Paris dealer specializing in Moroccan textiles, with nice travel photos and periodic exhibitions.

Thomas Cole  Well known dealer/author specializing in antique tribal rugs and textiles.

Thomas R. Paddock Oriental Rug Exchange Dealer in Rochester, NY.

Timeless Collection British on-line dealer in various antiques, including oriental rugs.

Torana Dealer in Tibetan rugs, crafts and jewelry.

Torana Tribal Ethnic minority textiles from southwest China and tribal art from southeast Asia.

Tribal Monsoon   Crafts and rugs from south Asia.

Tribal Art Asia Author David Howard's site, with tribal artifacts for sale and for rent, and an excellent directory of information sources.

Tribal Rugs at Rimea.net Collector with rugs to trade and sell, as well as information to share.

Tschebull Antique Carpets Informative site, by one of the leading authorities on northwest Persian and Caucasian rugs.

Turkish Folk Art Dealer; mostly Turkish folk art, but includes artifacts from other western and central Asian regions.

Turkishloom Rug Company  Dealer in Nigde, Turkey.

Tutunci Dealer in Rome.

Urban Quote Cleaning  Directory of in-home rug cleaners in Australia.

Uzbek Crafts Uzbekistan dealer in new and old central Asian crafts.

van Gils de Wit  Netherlands dealer in new and antique rugs.  Dutch language site.

Vintage Rugs Dealer in Dublin, Ireland.

Wovensouls  Jaina Mishra's gallery of antique textiles, jewelry and folk art.

Yurdan Istanbul dealer in rugs and kilims.

Walter Schwitter (PTY) Limited Perhaps the leading dealer in South Africa.

Woltex Carpets  Belgian dealer.  Site is in English and Dutch.

Worldwide Rug Market