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This page lists oriental rug journals and magazines. To return to the page listing titles on Turkomans, Caucasians, and Baluchis, click here. To return to the page listing general titles, books on kilims, and titles pertaining to Turkish & Persian weaving groups, click here.

  • HALI. This is the leading English language periodical/magazine for collectible rugs and other weavings. Lots of articles and accompanying photos, photos advertising dealers' choice pieces, book reviews, etc.

    The subscription rate for a year (6 issues) is $118. Send your check or credit card info to: HALI Publications Ltd., Circulation, Kingsgate House, Kingsgate Place, London NW6 4TA, UK. When you subscribe, please mention us.

      Back Issues Available From Jerry Silverman

      The following HALI back issues are available from Jerry Silverman. All HALIs are in fine condition except #50 which has had its cover come loose, otherwise it, too, is fine. To purchase, send a check for the amount of the book(s), plus handling ($3.50 for first book, $1.50 for others), to: Jerry Silverman, 21 East Elm Street #1D, Chicago, IL 60611-1047. You may e-mail Jerry by clicking here or call (312.329.1660) or fax (312.329.1662) him.

    • HALI #25. Elsewhere: $110 Jerry's price: $82.50.
    • HALI #26. Elsewhere. $110 Jerry's price: $82.50.
    • HALI #27. Elsewhere: $110 Jerry's price: $82.50.
    • HALI #28. Elsewhere: $110 Jerry's price: $82.50.
    • HALI #36. Elsewhere: $200 Jerry's price: $150.
    • HALI #37. Elsewhere: $70 Jerry's price: $52.50.
    • HALI #50. Elsewhere: $135 Jerry's price: $101.25.

  • Oriental Rug Review. This journal was first published in tabloid form in the early 1980s. In the late 1980s it converted to a magazine format, which it retained until its unfortunate demise in 1995. Happily, the ORR is now alive in cyberspace. Visit its site! Back issues, which are indexed and in some cases reprinted on ORR's site, contain many articles, photos, and items of interest to students of Turkoman and Caucasian weavings. Some of these are already up on the web:

    Hard copies of these and other back issues not yet up in cyberspace can be purchased through the ORR.


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