TurkoTek: Archive: Salons and Selected Discussions

A number of articles were on the site before it was taken over by the current management. They are archived here.

Discussion:  The Swedish connection  by Martin Andersen

Discussion: IHBS/ICOC Exhibition at David Zahirpour Oriental Rugs  by David R E Hunt

Salon 136:  The Curious Question of Khamseh Kilims.  by Patrick Weiler

Discussion:  The Pazyryk rug and Felts  by Martin Andersen

Discussion:  The pelt and the origin of the prayer rug  by Martin Andersen

Discussion:  Sogdian design and iconography  by Martin Andersen

Discussion:  It's a Kurd, It's a Flame, It's...Sauj Bulagh?  by Joel Grefinger

Salon 135:  Between ‘Classical Carpets’ and the ‘Pazyryk Rug’:  A Sassanid Era Nestorian-Christian Design and its Transformations.  by Horst Nitz

Mini-Salon 31:  Which Stars Shine the Brightest? Baluch Star-in-Octagon Bags.  by Joel Greifinger

Discussion:  Overlooked Structural Features.  by Marla Mallett

Mini-Salon 30:  Archetypical Symbols in Rugs and Flatweaves?  by Benjamin Tholen

Discussion: Large chuval/sleeping rug Kirghiz(?).  by Martin Erik Anderson

Discussion:  Dye testing. by Mark Traxler

Mini-Salon 29:  War Rugs from Afghanistan.  by Philip Loftus

Discussion:  Symmetrical Baluch w/Tekke border motif.  by Joel Greifinger

Discussion:  Takyabs and other Tibetan/Mongolian animal trappings.  by Glenn Ross

Salon 134:  Natural Dyeing and Natural Dyestuffs in Anatolia.  by Manfred Bieber

Discussion: Beshir Cloudband, 2. by Martin Erik Anderson

Discussian: East Anatolian Prayer Kilims. by Manfred Bieber

Mini-Salon 28: Chinese Dyes. by Francesca Fiorentino

Discussion: About the Kufic border. by Larry Gerber

Discussion: So you think you can distinguish colors! by Marvin Amstey

Discussion: Tibetan seating mat. by Richard Tomlinson

Discussion: The Timuri(?) Under the Grime. by Joel Greifinger

Discussion: Cloudband Beshir. by Martin Erik Anderson

Discussion: Tajik Bridal Veil - Unusual Palette. by James Blanchard

Discussion: Logwood dyes in Chinese rugs? by Richard Tomlinson

Mini-Salon 27: Fascinating Flatweaves. by Patrick Weiler

Mini-Salon 26: The Quest for the Bright Salor Red. by Pierre Galafassi

Discussion: Mysterious dated Baluch. by Benjamin Tholen

Discussion: Dragon Claws in Rugs. by Richard Tomlinson

Discussion: Yomud Engsi. by James Blanchard

Discussion: Thoughts on motif interpretation. by Guido Engel

Mini-Salon 25: A Call for Standard Terminology. by Yaser Al Saghrjie

Discussion: Old Estonian rug. by Liivi Plumkvist

Discussion: Mystery Anatolian Kilim. by Hugh Rance

Mini-Salon 24: A Salor ayna gul Trapping. by Steve Price

Salon 133: Ugly Rugs and Odd Ducks. by Patrick Weiler

Discussion: A Yomut Septagonal Asmalyk with Bridal Procession. by Karl Strømstad

Mini-Salon 23: Is this a Chodor (A)Juval; (B)Trapping; (C)Both; (D)Neither? by Steve Price

Discussion: Vivid color photos, c.1910, of the Russian Empire. by Steve Pendleton

Discussion: Kilim Restoration. by Yohann Gissinger

Salon 132: Locations of Major Turkmen Tribes (16th to 19th Centuries). by Pierre Galafassi

Mini-Salon 22: Dyeing Wool. by Julia Watson

Salon 131: Pictures at an Exhibition: Parsons and Paiwand. by Dinie Gootjes

Discussion: Tibetan piled band, how does it relate to Turkomen bands? by Glenn Ross

Discussion: C14 results for a Tekke torba. by Martin Anderson

Discussion: Metamery. by Rich Larkin

Discussion: Testing truth on Turkotek. by Martin Anderson

Salon 130: The Kush Motif in Turkmen Ensis. by Louis Dubreuil

Discussion: Kilim fragment. by Horst Heinzlreiter

Salon 129: Wool Dyeing History, with Focus on Dyeing of Rugs. by Pierre Galafassi

Discussion: Mushwani design ... by Yohann Gissinger

Salon 128: Rugs from the Konya Area (Part II, Obruk). by Hakan Tazecan

Salon 127: Alas, which Yuruk? by Joel Greifinger

Discussion: Japanese tsutsugaki. by Richard Tomlinson

Mini-Salon 21: Kurd, Caucasian, or Shahsavan? by Patrick Weiler

Discussion: Khorjin and some thoughts on Belouch use of silk. by Steve Price

Discussion: Quirky small Baluch rug. by Frank Martin Diehr

Discussion: Tibetan Door Rug. by Marvin Amstey

Discussion: Baluch Madrassa or Mosque Rug? by David R.E. Hunt

Min-Salon 20: Khalyks, Kapunuks and Konfuzion. by Trevor and Margret Steiger White

Discussion: Rugbagface Inquiry. by ChuckWagner

Discussion: The Pearl Carpet of Baroda. by Filiberto Boncompagni

Discussion: Boteh Bewilderment. by Joel Greifinger

Discussion: Afshar Bag. by Steve Price

Salon 126: Rugs from the Konya Area (Part I, Ketenli and Bozkir). by Hakan Tazecan

Salon 125: The Threads of Khmer History: A ‘warped’ look at the temples of Angkor. by Jaina Mishra

Discussion: Carbon-14 Dating. by Martin Anderson

Discussion: 6 Gul Tekke: Hoffmeister Border. by Martin Anderson

Discussion: Dividing the Yomud. by Yon Bard

Discussion: Baluch "Bird" Bag Face. by Ajmal Maiwandi

Discussion: Felt Embroidery Prayer Rug. by Jeff Livesay

Discussion: A Caucasian Prayer Rug. by Steve Price

Discussion: A Tekke Inquiry. by Jim Allen

Mini-Salon 19: Hajji Baba 75th Anniversary. by Patrick Weiler

Discussion: Tekke Main Carpet. by Paul Smith

Discussion: 6 Gul Tekke Torba Thread. by Martin Andersen

Discussion: 18th Century Anatolian Turkmen. by Jim Allen

Salon 124: Collective Behavior: Recent Trends and Taste in Turkotekistan. by Chuck Wagner

Discussion: A Rare Anatolian Border. by Jim Allen

Discussion: Turkmen Shemle Gul Torba. by Steve Price

Discussion: Advice on hanging on wall. by Jim Bond

Discussion: Lurex Lur? by Louis Dubreuil

Discussion: The Tekke Experience. by Jim Allen

Salon 123: Saul Barodofsky's Exhibition: Clothing from the Silk Road. by Steve Price

Discussion: Ersari(?) Mina Khani Juval. by Steve Price

Discussion: moths...Oh the HORROR...the Horror. by Jack Williams

Mini-Salon 18: John Wertime on Sumak Bags. by R. John Howe

Salon 122: Colours of Life: A Perspective from Tibet. by Jaina Mishra

Mini-Salon 17: Jerry Thompson's Rug Morning: "Potpourri: Carpets from the Middle East". by R. John Howe

Discussion: Early Turkoman chuvals. by Jim Allen

Discussion: Two runners for I.D. help. by Donald Ruyle

Salon 121: When a rug is actually a rug ... by Jerry Silverman

Discussion: Tekke tertiary gul. by Martin Andersen

Discussion: Age attribution: Tekke juvals. by Lee Koch

Discussion: Criteria for judging Jaff Kurd bags. by Steve Price

Discussion: Questions about a Turkoman". by Joseph Beck

Salon 120: Anatolian Rugs in Transylvanian Churches. by R. John Howe

Discussion: Two weavers, one rug. by James Blanchard

Discussion: A Modest Bag, But Where From? by Windsor Chorlton

Salon 119: ICOC XI, April 2007, Istanbul. by Patrick Weiler

Discussion: Carpet Museum in Konya. by R. John Howe

Discussion: shar'nuff Afshars. by Jack Williams

Discussion: Boteh. by James Blanchard

Discussion: A Feraghan Horse Cover Fragment. by Wendel Swan

Discussion: Precolombian Puzzle. by Louis Dubreuil

Discussion: Kizil Ayak Chuval Face. by Windsor Chorlton

Discussion: MAD Ersari? by James Blanchard

Discussion: Anyone experimented with lighting for displaying rugs? by Joseph Beck

Discussion: Whiz-Bang Great Turkmen Book. by Jerry Silverman

Salon 118: Red in Rugs and Other Textiles. by R. John Howe

Discussion: Aimaq Balouch? by Kirsten Karrock

Discussion: Baluch? Kilim. by James Blanchard

Salon 117: Salon 117: A Turkotek Digital Field Trip: The Victoria and Albert Museum. by Chuck Wagner

Discussion: Textiles from the Kutch region (India). by Jaina Mishra

Discussion: REPAIR: How to wash a rug. by Steve Pendleton

Mini-Salon 16: Ottoman Rugs of the15th to18th centuries in Saxon parishes of Transylvania. by Horst Nitz

Discussion: The Dating Game, Featuring "Beluch" Rugs. by Anas al Akhoann

Discussion:  Confusing Baluch_Turko_Kurd.  by Jack Williams

Salon 116:  Good, Better, Best: An Analogous Salon. by R. John Howe

Discussion:  Nude Figures on Rugs. by Brian Moore

Mini-Salon 15:  Jerry Thompson's Rug Morning on Persian City Rugs and Kurdish Counterparts. By R. John Howe

Discussion:  Classical 16th-17th Century Persian Rug Fragments at the TM.  by R. John Howe

Salon 115:  The Wagireh.  by R. John Howe and Filiberto Boncompagni

Discussion:  Show and Tell at Local Rug Club Picnic.  by R. John Howe

Discussion:  Full-Pile Tent Bands.  by Tim Adam

Discussion: Boteh Rug.  by Louis Dubreuil

Discussion:  Tree of Life Belouch Prayer Rugs.  by Gene Williams

Discussion: Is "Kennel Blindness" in Rugs a Danger? (Kurd characteristics) by R. John Howe

Discussion: Rugs on the Road 9 (Armenian Apron). by R. John Howe

Discussion: Oriental Rug Aesthetics in 1910. by R. John Howe

Mini-Salon 14: Afghan Embroidery. by R. John Howe

Discussion: Forgery. by Tim Adam

Discussion: Two Curious Ensis. by Louis Dubreuil

Discussion: David Zahirpour: Oriental Rugs from S.W. Iran. by R. John Howe

Discussion: Use of Turkmen Symbols in Belouch Rugs. by Jack Williams

Discussion: Turkmen Juwal - need help. by Jack Williams

Salon 114: Rugs of the Lost Ark. by Horst Nitz

Discussion: Bukhara Beshir. by Sean R. Roberts

Discussion: Dimensionality in Turkmen Weavings. by Mike McCullough

Discussion: Freud's Rugs. by Louis Dubreuil

Discussion: Haircut. by Jack Williams

Mini-Salon 13: ACOR-8 (Boston, Massachusetts, April 2006). by R. John Howe

Mini-Salon 12: Harold Keshishian on Islamic Textiles. by R. John Howe

Discussion: Dates on Carpets: What a difference a language makes? by Gene Williams

Mini-Salon 11: Philadelphia Exhibition of Anatolian Carpets. by R. John Howe

Discussion: Tamgas or not? Extraneous motifs on weavings. by James Blanchard

Mini-Salon 10: Jerry Thompson's Exhibition of Caucasian Carpets. by R. John Howe

Salon 113: Textiles in Mae Chaem. by Walter Davison

Discussion: Uzbek ensi(?). by Louis Dubreuil

Discussion: Caucasian Wedding Dress. by Filiberto Boncompagni

Salon 112: Color, Color, Color in Oriental Rugs. by R. John Howe

Mini-Salon 8: Holiday Party at the Keshishian's. by R. John Howe

Mini-Salon 9: Rugs in the Museums of Madrid. by Louis Dubreuil

Discussion:  Help with Figures Needed.  by Horst Nitz

Discussion:  Zakatala Flatweaves.  by Filiberto Boncompagni

Discussion: Central Asian Attribution Puzzle.  by R. John Howe

Mini-Salon 7:  Silk in Central Asian Textiles.  by Steve Price

Discussion:  Yellow Ground Caucasian Wreck.  by R. John Howe

Discussion: Image File Sizes. by Steve Price

Discussion: Khamseh Khorjin.  by Amir Aharon

Discussion: A Conversation on the Mall.  by Wendel Swan

Discussion:  A Two-Sided Asmalyk.  by Amir Aharon

Discussion: Balouch? Yomut? What? by R. John Howe

Discussion: A "Kungrad Kyrgyz" Fragment. by R. John Howe

Mini-Salon 6:  The Natural Colors Itch.  by Vincent Keers

Discussion: Report on Harold Keshishian's Presentation on Safs (Textile Museum, May 5, 2005).. by R. John Howe

Salon 111: The Turkmen Brocaded Palas as Pile Woven Gul Format Prototype. by David R.E. Hunt

Discussion:  A Baluch pile carpet from two halves. by George Potter

Discussion:  Pete Stone's Design/Pattern/Motif book.  by Jerry Silverman

Discussion: Orientalist paintings - a follow-up.  by Filiberto Boncompagni

Mini-Salon 5: Date Attribution: Criteria and Precision. by Steve Price

Discussion: Split Warp Camel Girth from W. India.  by R. John Howe

Discussion: Middle Amu Darya Weaving.  by Stephen Louw

Salon 110: Relics, Wrecks and Rags, Fragments of the Imagination. by Patrick Weiler

Discussion:  Hash Gul Story: Continuation.  by Louis Dubreuil

Discussion:  Quick question re fuchsine.  by Richard Tomlinson 

Mini-Salon 4: Name that Textile (An Attribution Game). by Richard Farber 

Mini-Salon 3: Comparison of Pieces from Your Own Collection. by Steve Price

Discussion:  Unusual Tekke Door Surround.  by R. John Howe

Salon 109: The Kaffel Cedar Chest Session at ACOR 7. Edited by Steve Price

Mini-Salon 2:  A Mini-Salon about a Mini-Rug: A Kurdish Chanteh. by Patrick Weiler

Mini-Salon 1:  Love at first touch: a Yomud Asmalyk.  by Steve Price

Salon 108: Turkmen Embroidery. by Steve Price

Salon 107: Streams of Influence: Motives and Origins of Moroccan Carpet Design. by David R.E. Hunt

Salon 106: Orissa Sarees: A Photo Essay. by Jaina Mishra

Salon 105:  Rugs in Orientalist Paintings. by Filiberto Boncompagni

Discussion:  Michael Bischof's "Grading System".  by Filiberto Boncompagni

Salon 104:  Felt Rugs from Iran.  by Melina Raissnia

Discussion:  Moroccan(?) flat weave and knotted - carpet. by Richard Farber

Discussion:  Modern Rugs.  by Richard Farber

Salon 103:  Turkotek: A Five Year Retrospective.  by Steve Price

Discussion:  Running Red Blues - A Followup.  by Horst Nitz

Salon 102:  The Turkmen Asmalyk and the Chilkat Dancing Blanket. by R. John Howe

Discussion:  Textile Museum Exhibition - Navajo Blankets from the 19th Century. by R. John Howe

Salon 101:  Islamic Textile Art and how it is Misunderstood in the West - Our Personal Views. by Muhammed Thompson and Nisami Begum

Discussion:  What’s an “Odshak bashi?” by R. John Howe

Salon 100:  Manastir Kilims: In Search of a Trail. by Davut Mizrahi and Erhardt Stobe

Discussion:  Review of Book on Persian Textile Industry 1500-1925. by R. John Howe

Salon 99:  Pile Decorated Turkmen Tentbands. by Steve Price

Salon 98:  Baluch Aesthetics. by Thomas Cole

Discussion:  Proto-Soumak. by Daniel D. Deschuyteneer

Report:  Report on Tenth International Conference on Oriental Carpets

Salon 97: Alluring Luris, Denizens of the Zagros. by Patrick Weiler

Discussion:  15th Century Andalusian Rug.  by R. John Howe

Salon 96: The Confusion about Shahsevan. by Bertram Frauenknecht

Salon 95: The History of Rug Books: 1877-1970. by Keith Rocklin

Salon 94: A Trunk Full of My Favorite Things: A "Rug Morning" with Joe Fell. by R. John Howe

Salon 93: What do you mean, "It's a prayer rug"? by Steve Price

Discussion: The Ed and Mike Show. by R. John Howe

Discussion: Turkmen Flatweaves. by Ian Young

Salon 92: The “Tuning-Fork” Kurdish Rugs. by Guido Imbimbo and Daniel Deschuyteneer

Discussion: Scandinavian Textile. by R. John Howe

Discussion: Ertman Torba: Chodor or Yomut? by Stephen Louw

Salon 91: Kilim. by Michael Bischof and Memduh Kürtül

Discussion: Dyes and Ethnographic Value. by Rick Paine

Salon 90: Reproductive and Sexual Themes on Warp-Faced Iranian Bands. by Fred Mushkat

Salon 89: What Can We Say About the "Engsi?" by R. John Howe

Salon 88: Kurdish Rugs and Related Weavings - an 8000 Year Weaving Tradition? by Michael Wendorf

Salon 87: Rugs of Rare Beauty from Midwestern Collections. by Jerry Silverman

Discussion: Rug Morning Session at The Textile Museum with Saul Barodofsky. by R. John Howe

Salon 86: A Striped-Field Belouch Group Rug. by Steve Price

Discussion: Avar/Daghestani Felt Rugs. by Oliver Perrin

Salon 85: Repairs and Fakes - A Smooth Transition....by Michael Bischof and Memduh Kürtül

Salon 84: The Enchanting Chanteh (Diminutive Delights). by Patrick Weiler

Discussion: "Tent Strut Covers" Were Used for that Purpose. by R. John Howe

Salon 83: Dennis Dodds' "Rug Morning" at The Textile Museum - November 3, 2001. by R. John Howe

Salon 82: Star Crossed - Further Thoughts on the Design Sources of Caucasian Rugs. by Sophia Gates

Salon 81: Turkmen Tree-of-Life Paneled Mafrash. by Steve Price

Salon 80: The Roots of Caucasian Rug Designs. by Daniel Deschuyteneer

Salon 79: On the Production and Marketing of Wines, Carpets and Kilims. by Michael Bischof

Salon 78: Those Other Central Asian Tribal Rugs: Uzbek, Karakalpak, Kyrghiz and Arab. by R. John Howe

Salon 77: You're the Curator. by Jerry Silverman

Salon 76: The Collector/Dealer Relationship. by Steve Price

Salon 75: Rug Limericks, Ditties and Puns. by Steve Price

Salon 74: Turkotek, to Date: How are we Doing? by R. John Howe

Salon 73: Offset Knotting: Where and Why? by Daniel Deschuyteneer

Salon 72: So Many Questions. by Jerry Silverman

Salon 71: The Epistemology of Attribution Based on Structure. by Steve Price

Salon 70: What Rugs Will be Collected in 2101? by R. John Howe

Salon 69: Kaitag Embroideries with a Four-Lobed Medallion. by Steve Price

Salon 68: The Italian Rug. by Daniel Deschuyteneer

Salon 67: Sweat the Small Stuff. by Jerry Silverman

Salon 66: What Did Turkmen Do with That Thing? by Steve Price

Salon 65: Weave Pattern: A Holistic Perspective on Rug Structure That May Be the Most Widely Used but Has Not "Caught On" with Rug Collectors, Scholars and Writers. by R. John Howe

Salon 64: The Agony and the Ecstasy...Mostly the Agony. by Booker T. Silverman and Filiberto Marasali

Salon 63: A Rug Collector Meets the Hajj. by Filiberto Boncompagni

Salon 62: Internet Resources for Rug Collectors. by Daniel Deschuyteneer

Salon 61: Mystery Bag, Submitted for Your Consideration. by Jerry Silverman

Salon 60: Why Museums Do What They Do. by Greg Koos

Salon 59: Introduction to Tribal Textiles of Laos. by Steve Price

Salon 58: Why Don't Museums Provide Better Lighting? by Sara Wolf

Salon 57: An Introduction to Authentic Kurdish Weavings. by Daniel Deschuyteneer

Salon 56: Compression, Elongation and Perspective. by Vincent Keers

Salon 55: A Novel Idea. by Jerry Silverman

Salon 54: Internal Elem: Myth or Reality? by Yon Bard

Salon 53: "Stray Reds" in Turkmen Weavings. by Steve Price

Salon 52: A Thing of Beauty... by Sam Gorden

Salon 51: The Embroidered Niche Form Textile. by Richard Farber

Salon 50: Wendel Swan's Potpourri at the Textile Museum. by John Howe

Salon 49: Why are Birds Depicted Like That on Rugs? by Steve Price

Salon 48: When is Shared Design a Basis for Common Ethnic Attribution? by Daniel Deschuyteneer

Salon 47: The Lamb of the Baskervilles. by Jerry Silverman

Salon 46: The Oriental Rug as a Work of Art. by Sam Gorden

Salon 45: Crepuscule with Carpets (or, Textiles by Twilight). by Patrick Weiler

Salon 44: Other Ottomans. by John Howe

Salon 43: "Simurgh and Dragon" Kaitag Embroideries. by Steve Price

Salon 42: A Rug Lover's Mini-trip into Northwest Persia. by Daniel Deschuyteneer

Salon 41: What I Learned at ACOR....by Jerry Silverman

Salon 40: Old Motifs: The Bactria-Margiana Archaeological Complex as a Possible Source. by Christoph Huber

Salon 39: Cottage Industry Weaving of Rugs and Kilims in Turkey Today. by Jenny Gunay

Salon 38: A Late Eighteenth Century "Karapinar" Kilim. by Robert Torchia

Salon 37: Turkmen Pentagonal Weavings. by Steve Price

Salon 36: The Turkmen Wedding. by Stephen Louw

Salon 35: Two Northwest Persian Rugs. by Daniel Deschuyteneer

Salon 34: My First Time.... by Jerry Silverman

Salon 33: A Turkish Village Rug Fragment. by John Howe

Salon 32: Now You See It, Now You Don't: Hidden Design Elements and Secrets? by Steve Price

Salon 31: A Rare West Anatolian Rug and its Ala Cuval Background. by Daniel Deschuyteneer

Salon 30: And Thereby Hangs a Tale. by Wendel Swan

Salon 29: The Language of Carpets. by Costa Maroulis

Salon 28: The Top Ten Rugs of the Millenium. by Jerry Silverman

Salon 27: Bazaar Adventures. by Yon Bard

Salon 26: Tribal Bags with Interesting Backs. by Steve Price

Salon 25: From Rags to Riches. by Sam Gorden

Salon 24: Four Rugs: Structure and Attribution. by Daniel Deschuyteneer

Salon 23: A Yellow Ground Rug. by Wendel Swan

Salon 22: Tekke Ak Juvals and Their Relatives. by Steve Price

Salon 21: Dating Tribal Rugs. by Yon Bard

Salon 20: Advice to the Novice Rug Collector of Limited Means? by R. John Howe

Salon 19: Rug Books: Our Libraries Runneth Over. by Jerry Silverman

Salon 18: Why are Bags Made by Northwest Persian Tribes So Different from Those Made by the Turkmen? by Steve Price

Salon 17: How is a Repaired Rug Valued? by Marvin S. Amstey

Salon 16: Woven Bags. by Saul Yale Barodofsky

Salon 15: Why do Rug Collectors Collect the Rugs they Collect? by Steven Price

Salon 14: Rugs on the 'net: A Paradigm Shift or an Oxymoron? by Jerry Silverman

Salon 13: Rug Identification. by Daniel Deschuyteneer

Salon 12: Human Representation in Oriental Rugs. by Marvin Amstey

Salon 11: "Beauty" Determined: A Look at Christopher Alexander's Rug Aesthetics. by Dr. Nikos A. Salingaros and R. John Howe

Salon 10: Daghestan's Kaitag Embroideries - and Henri Matisse? by Steven Price

Salon 9: Rug Conferences: Fertile or Futile? by Jerry Silverman

Salon 8: Purse Your Tips. by Wendel Swan

Salon 7: Kurdish North West Persian Rugs? by Daniel Deschuyteneer

Salon 6: Design Interpretation in Turkmen Rugs. by James Allen

Salon 5: The Oops Thesis. by John Howe

Salon 4: Tulu: Modern as today, with a 3,500 year tradition. by Steve Price

Salon 3: The "Ethnographic" Rug. by Jerry Silverman

Salon 2: Turkmen (Yomud?) Salatchak. by Wendel Swan

Salon 1: An Interesting Rug, Probably Arab Khamseh. by Daniel Deschuyteneer

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