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Patrick Weiler
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Default What the vaq?


That is a beguiling rug you have there. I am not sure if that is a proper rug term. Perhaps for properness we should ask Joel, as he is properly socialized. Nonetheless, if Rich can use edification and paradigm in the same sentence, I can use beguiling.
For some reason the kilim ends remind me of Kordi work.
The field design is an interesting take on the vaq-vaq style, with horse heads, snakes and slithering creatures of indeterminate morphology. The curious bilateral and mirror symmetry takes any south Persian weavers out of the running, as they are most fond of free-style designs. For a "formal" rug, the symmetric knots are a little out of context.
I suggest you wait another 10-12 years and post it again.

Patrick Weiler
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