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Joel Greifinger
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Default Carbon dioxide

Hi Pat,

One alternative to both chemicals and freezing/heating that I have contemplated but haven't tried is carbon dioxide treatment in a sealed, tent-sized bubble. Here is the description from a group that offers the service:

"One such method is using carbon dioxide gas in an impermeable, plastic bubble, known as a modified or controlled atmosphere treatment. Carbon dioxide gas is used to displace the oxygen in the bubble to a percentage (60-80% CO2) low enough to kill all stages of the insect life-cycle: adults, larvae, pupae, and eggs. Unlike alternative methods of treatment like freezing, the use of carbon dioxide is safe for all types of museum objects because it does not expose them to extreme changes in temperature and relative humidity. The residual air still contains its water vapor; thus, one third of the original humidity is maintained."

I'd be very interested in hearing about the experiences of any textile collectors who have tried this.

Joel Greifinger
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