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Kay Dee
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OK, thanks folks (well, so far, just 'gents' really).

Have located all of the books. THANKS!

A few are reasonably priced (Jourdans, Thompsons, and Diehrs TBP), although not cheap. Unfortunately Belouchi Woven Treasures by Boucher is hard to find except for 126 quid (cheapest one) plus postage ex Amz UK, and 85 USD ex Amz USA plus postage which would push it over $100.

Save for that expensive one, I will certainly grab a couple of others at least.

EDIT! Opps, I found the wrong volume of Jourdans book, the cheapest one recommended by Chuck that I could find is 175USD (yikes) plus 30+ postage to where I am! Guess I wont be buying that one after all.

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